Exploring housings for Candle devices

3D printing casings for Candle devices is easy, but since we're exploring what Candle could look like as a commercial device, we wanted to go a step beyond that.

That's why last week Jesse Howard and I organised a small workshop to see if we could make attractive housings for smart home devices from Jesmonite. Specifically, we had a look at the smart doorbell.

Jesmonite is an interesting material that can be moulded into lots of different shapes. After you mix a powder and liquid, it becomes a liquid that you can pour into moulds. Twenty minutes later it's hard enough to take out of the mould, and a day later it will have hardened fully.

Our "hands-on" session was really useful. For example, we realised there was a potentially simpler way to create and use the moulds, where we essentially pour the liquid from the top. This is what we tried with the yellow version. We also wanted to find out how thin of a layer we could get away with, since it's important that wireless signals are blocked as little as possible. While the yellow version crumbled, we learned a lot from the attempt.

If you're interested in Jesmonite, you can buy a starter kit from FormX in Amsterdam.