Light bulbs

Not everything needs to be improved

Most Candle devices on this website are DIY devices that have innovative privacy features. But for the light bulbs, we recommend you stick to safe, proven products. In this case, we recommend using IKEA products, as they can be connected in a privacy friendly way by using a special USB stick. This means you don't need to buy the IKEA gateway, and you don't be needing the IKEA app either. 

Privacy is a bright idea

Making smart light bulbs from IKEA work 100% locally

Cloudless light bulbs

IKEA's smart light bulbs don't require an internet connection to function


We don't want you to try and build your own light bulbs

U‌SB stick 

The lights can be directly controlled using the Conbee 2 USB stick 


IKEA's light bulbs are affordable

Connecting your light bulbs

I‌t's even easier than connecting Candle devices 
1. Plug in the USB stick

Plug the Conbee 2 USB stick into the USB extension cable, and plug that cable into any available port on the Candle Controller. Next turn of the power to the Candle controller, and turn it back on again.

Tip: an easy way to reboot the controller is by installing the Power Settings add-on first. Then you can just click on the reboot button.

2. Reset the light bulb

Screw the light bulb into the desired socket, and hold the bulb a few centimeters from the USB stick.

Click on the (+) icon on the things overview page. Now, quickly turn the light on and off 6 times. At the 6th time, leave the light on.

This bulb is now reset and ready to connect. 

3. Add the light bulb

After a few seconds, it should appear as a new device.

Once it does, simply click "Save".

If it does not, try again from step 2.

Congratulations, you are done.

Why it matters

M‌any smart light bulbs connect directly to the internet via WiFi, or they connect via a special hub, which then connects to the cloud. 

The issue with having your behaviour data online is that it allows companies to analyze your daily habits, such as whether you sleep long and regularly. 

Medical research has shown that people with a poor sleeping habit have a higher risk of getting Alzheimer at a later age. Your lights may reveal that you get up in the middle of the night a lot, which can indicate heart problems. And so forth.

In other words: your smart light is also a health sensor, revealing patters that are shared with advertisers, who then share with databrokers, who use the data to create many predictions about you. Those predictions are then sold to insurers, employers, and many other interested parties. 

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