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Our goals

Candle is an example of a privacy friendly smart home of the future. The primary goal of the project is to stimulate companies to produces privacy friendly devices.

The secondary goal is to allow anyone to build their own copy of our prototype, so that they may help us spread the message that more privacy friendly smart homes are possible.

Why we created Candle

We are a group of Dutch technologists, designers and thinkers, most of us from Amsterdam, who felt that we could inspire the market by creating examples of the products we would like to see. Our goal with Candle is to provoke the market into creating the products we would be willing to buy.

Protecting privacy is better for consumers, but it also makes business sense. Just as the market for ecological food has exploded in the past decade, we foresee a similar growth for ethical technology in the decade to come. 

We hope to be a part of that change.

Lead designer: Tijmen Schep

T‌ijmen (pronounced like 'simon' but starting with a 't') has a long history in thinking about IoT design. 

- Graduated Utrecht University with a critical analysis of the work of Mark Weiser, the 'father of the internet of things'.
- Helped set up a course called "ubicomp design" (which we would now call "IoT design") at the HvA design school in Amsterdam. The course is still being given today.
- Wrote a book about privacy design called "Design my Privacy", released in 2016, co-funded by the HvA and the MOTI design Museum. It's available in both Dutch and English from BIS publishers, and is used by multiple Dutch design schools.

We wrote a book about our design principles

Our design principles

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