W‌ith Candle you can speak freely 

100% local voice control

No tracking

Your voice never leaves your home.

Turn off the microphone

Disable it any time. Because we use a USB microphone you can even unplug it for extra peace of mind. 

All the popular features

Set timers and reminders, toggle devices and ask for their values.


Not sending your voice to the cloud and back means it works fine when the internet is down. It's faster too.

An example of using voice control with Jesse Howard's carbon dioxide sensor.


Candle has advanced support for all kinds of timers

You can set timers, alarms, reminders, or even a countdown. You can get manage these through the interface, but also with your voice. For example, say something along the lines of "remove the last created timer" to do just that.

You can also control your devices with timers. For example, say "turn off the radio for 5 minutes" or "turn on the heater between 3 and 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon".

You could even say "Switch on the air filter during lunchtime", and it would turn on between 12 and 14h.

"Wake me up at 9 o'clock monday morning"

Multi-room voice control

You can add extra controllers to your system, and have them act as satellites for a main controller. That way you use voice control in your basement, attic, garden, bedroom, wherever you want. These satellites will only send messages on your local network.

Just the thought of having a microphone in a room can be unsettling. That's why you can always disable voice control at any moment. If you want even more peace of mind, just unplug the USB microphone.

Example commands

We all use different words and different sentence structures. Candle is smart enough to understand different ways of saying the same thing.

W‌hat time is it? 


Remind me to go to the gym in 1 hour

Passionate team members

Turn on the kitchen light for 5 minutes


Wake me up at 9 am


What is the temperature of the attic?

Set a timer for 10 minutes


S‌et the station of the radio to Fip 


Set a countdown for midnight


S‌et the volume of the radio to 95


What are the values of the dust sensor?


Is the front door locked?


Set the color of the corner lamp to red


Why it matters

Controlling your home with your voice is a wonderful thing. Having companies listen in is not.

There are two types of problems with voice control. the first type are the incidental ones, such as a hack of leak. These get a lot of attention. However, the second type is much more problematic. These are the structural issues, where the 'normal' operations of these companies already cause serious problems.

Your voice is like your fingerprint

‌Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. And just like a fingerprint, you have a 'voice print' which can be used to recognise you when you speak. 

This means that whenever you speak near a cloud connected microphone, this could also reveal where you are.‌ 

Your voice paints a picture

Cloud-based voice control systems can learn more from your voice than you may realise. Algorithms could try to infer your emotions, health, how your relationship is doing, and much more.‌ 

Over time detailed profiles can be created, which could find their way into software used by insurers, employers, border guards, and so forth.

It's about your friends

‌When you buy a cloud connected voice assistant, you're not just harming your own privacy, but also that of all the people who visit your home. 

Do the friends, family and other people who visit your home consent to having their voice recorded, fingerprinted and analysed?


Adding voice control to the Candle controller

Installation time: 5 minutes. 

1. Connect the microphone and speaker

Buy a USB conference microphone online, and plug it into one of the Candle controller's USB ports. 

Plug a speaker into the headphone jack.

Get the microphone

2. Install the Voco addon from the Candle store

You're pretty much done.

Select audio output

‌Voco create a new "Voice Control" thing. Go to the Things page and then click on the (+) button to accept it.

‌This Voice Control thing allows you to select where the voice responses should be spoken. It can play over the headphone jack, over HDMI, or over a Bluetooth speaker.

Fully local AI

After the installation it takes about 30 seconds for Voco to "learn" the names of your things. Whenever you add a new device to your home it will take another 30 seconds for Voco to learn all the names again.

Say goodbye to Alexa!

Developed with support from the European Union‌ 

Voco was created as part of Project Sherpa, which explores near-future issues around artificial intelligence. Voco is based on Snips, a French voice control system.