An example of using voice control

W‌ith Candle you can speak freely 

100% local voice control

No tracking

Your voice and your behavioural patterns never leave your home.

Turn off the microphone

Disable it any time. Because we use a USB microphone you can even unplug it for extra peace of mind. 

All the popular features

Set timers and reminders, toggle devices and ask for their values.

Fast machine learning

Not sending your voice to the cloud and back means it's fast.

  • Set timers, reminders and alarms

  • Satellites

    Expand voice control to every room


Why you should care about privacy friendly voice control.

Controlling your home with your voice is a wonderful thing. Having companies listen in is not.

Your voice is being fingerprinted

‌Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. Every time you speak near a cloud connected microphone, you could be sharing your presence.

Do the friends, family and other people who visit your home consent to having their voice recorded and fingerprinted?

Your voice paints a picture

Cloud-based voice control systems can learn more from your voice than you may realise. Algorithms will try to infer your mood, health, how your relationship is doing, and much more.

Adding voice control to the Candle controller

Installation time: 5 minutes. 

1. Connect the microphone and speaker

Buy a USB conference microphone online, and plug it into one of the Candle controller's USB ports. 

Plug a speaker into the headphone jack.

Get the microphone

2. Install the Voco add-on

Generate an authorization token
‌ ‌ 

Go to settings -> addons. Click on the (+) button, and install the Voco addon. Wait a minute to let it download and install, because it's pretty big.

Go to settings > developer > create local authorization

Click on "allow", then copy the token, which is a long line of random letters.

E‌nter the authorization code in Voco

Open the Voco page from the menu (you may have to refresh the page to see it), paste in the token, and click 'save'.

You can now control all your devices using your voice.

Try it! Say "Hey Snips", followed by: 

W‌hat time is it? 


Remind me to go to the gym in 1 hour

Passionate team members

Turn on the kitchen light for 5 minutes


Wake me up at 9 am


What is the temperature of the attic?

S‌et the station of the radio to Fip 


Set a countdown for 30 seconds


S‌et the volume of the radio to 95


Is the front door locked?


Hey Snips, say goodbye to Alexa!