I want to understand how it all works

C‌andle is designed for education 

Get introduced to electronics, programming, and privacy design.
Beginner friendly

Candle was designed with absolute beginners in mind.
- No programming skills required 
- No soldering required

Quick results

Instead or spending your time installing software or struggling with 'hello world', the first experience with electronics should be fun, quick and fulfilling.

With Candle you can create your own smart device in half an hour.

Teamwork pays 

By creating small groups you can create all the different Candle devices in no time, and set up an entire smart home in an afternoon.

A system in a day

We'll bring everything you need to create a real working system in a day. No soldering or programming skills required.

Get in touch

.. Or host your own workshop

Candle is open source, and we will gladly help anyone who wants to spread the word.

Candle works well in many situations:


How it started.


Share a healthy environment.


C‌reate a public installation. 


Plant whispering.


E‌lectronics & critical thinking. 

Maker spaces

Making is powerful.

.. Or whatever you can think of

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