Sculpt your data 

Our Privacy Manager allows you to manipulate your data logs. 

W‌hile Candle keeps your data in your own home, you may still want to hide certain data from your house mates or from visitors. 

That's why the privacy manager tool allows you to manipulate your data logs. You can delete or change any data point, and even create new ones.

To try out the early version, go to the add-ons overview page, and click on the (+) button. Then look for "Privacy Manager" and install it.

Imagine you are organising a surprise birthday party

- You can hide the delivery of a birthday present that should remain a surprise.

- Pretend you were home on time by manipulating your door lock logs, while you were actually still out buying balloons. 

- Pretend that you were were home alone while you actually had a group of friends over to plan the event. 

- Pretend that your home used very little energy while you were actually testing power hungry disco lights.


Increasingly we hear horror stories about smart homes damaging social relations.

Children that grow up with the feeling of constantly being monitored. Relationships that are ended because recorded data created distrust between partners.

That's why we believe it's socially healthy if users can delete, manipulate or even create data points in their logs.


"My little brother and sister are currently going through this, my parents have always been tech savvy but the tools that exist now weren’t around when I was in the house - they’ve now got cameras (inside and out), location tracking on the phone, even able to monitor app usage - crazy to think it’s impossible for my siblings to throw a party, sneak out, or smoke weed on the balcony without getting caught."
- Reddit

Give your children a fake data allowance 

In the future, parents could give children a monthly fake data allowance. As the children grow older, their ability to fool the system might increase.


Beauty filters for your data

In the future you may be able to apply instagram-like filters to your data:
Healthy sleeper

With one press of a button you could make it look like you and your family always go to bed on time. All datapoints that indicate activity after 23h will be moved to 23h at the latest.

event eraser 

T‌his filter allows parents or children to quickly make data from smoke, door, and electricity use sensors show a really quiet evening home, instead of the raging party that took place.

Fitness faker

Create new datapoints for your smart fitness devices that indicate a heathy active lifestyle.