Our innovations

Please copy them

Dinie Besems's research

Artist have a different sensibility. What happens when a jeweller designs a smart home?

Lifting the skirt

Enabling degrees of privacy within the home, inspired by Marylin Monroe.

M‌aterials for rituals 

M‌aking it attractive to make small privacy adjustments. 

Jesse Howard's designs

Clear and honest communication is what matters to this open design expert.

T‌oggle data transmission

Stop the device from sending data by simply flipping a switch. 

Edge-first design 

Devices are enhanced by a network connection, but work fine without it.

Literal transparency 

Remove a magnetic cover to look inside the device.

Allow devices to lie

Jesse's devices can generate fake data by pressing a hidden button.

Connect what you need

Disconnect the USB microphone to make sure nobody is listening.

Paola Rodrigues' experiments

Maker and educator Paola explores the value of transparency and open source.

Design for education

If you don't know how it works you don't truly own it.

L‌iteral transparency 

Making it easier to open the device and check its hardware.

Healthy social dynamics

Our proposal for a better balance between parenting and privacy. 

Democracy at home

Moving beyond hierarchical user systems.

Allow smart devices to lie

We all tell little white lies. Our devices should too.

Local voice control

Artificial intelligence doesn't have to run in the cloud anymore.

AI on the edge

By using fully local AI voice recognition, no recordings of your voice every leave the home.

Drop the mic

A USB microphone can be disconnected for extra peace of mind. 

Open Source

With the Candle Manager you can easily upload code to your creations. When code can be inspected, devices become more trustworthy.

Trust in O‌pen Source 

When you can inspect the code, you can see how data flows.

Beginner friendly

You don't need to know how to program or solder to build Candle.

Sculpt your data

The Privacy Manager add-on allows you to delete, change or even create points in your data logs. 

Full control over your data

Easily and precisely delete collected data.

Allow smart devices to lie

Just as with a selfie, you can apply filters to your data logs to quickly beautify them.