The privacy friendly smart home

Candle is different.

We believe smart should also mean ethical. We've taken the best from the open source and maker communities to show a different way forward.

Privacy by Design

Your data never leaves your home. It's that simple.


Family and friends shouldn't feel watched or profiled in your home.

M‌ore secure 

M‌ost companies' data-driven business models lead to fundamentally poor security. 


Our guides make it easy to build it yourself - no soldering or programming required.


Inspired by IKEA, you get a low price by clicking the parts together yourself.

  • We're creating a privacy aesthetic

    How could consumers recognize privacy respecting devices?

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  • Teach your home new tricks

    Why not turn off the internet when you're not home?

  • Privacy by design

    By jeweler Dinie Besems

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Build it yourself

Our beginner friendly guides help you create your own version of Candle without any soldering or programming.

The central controller

Candle's central hub stores your data and allows you to create and manage all the connected sensors and switches. We like hiding it inside a candle.

Build it

Electricity use sensor

Seeing how much electricity your home uses can be revealing. It can help you save money - and the environment.

Build it

T‌emperature, humidity and barometer sensor 

The barometer can predict the weather - even without an internet connection.

Build it

Smart lock

Let's not involve the internet here. Open doors by sending a password in an SMS. For extra security you could choose which phone numbers may do this.

Build it

Dust sensor

Did you know that our indoor air quality is usually much lower than the outdoor air quality. This sensor uses a laser to detect very fine particles in the air, and can trigger an air filter.

Build it

Signal hub

Detect and replay wireless signals. This touch-screen device can copy wireless remote controls, or learn to detect signals from cheap security sensors.

Build it

Plant health sensor

One device can monitor the moisture level of up to six plants simultaneously, and tell you which ones are thirsty. You could trigger automatic irrigation if you wanted to.

Build it

.‌.and many more

T‌housands of people are playing, building and sharing. 

“Our goal is to accelerate the industry towards privacy friendly products by showing innovative examples of what these products could look like.”
— Tijmen Schep
Privacy Designer

We believe privacy is an opportunity. Learn more about our code, our principles or our workshops.

the community

Our work builds on and combines amazing open source projects.

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Shared principles

We are part of a larger movement that is bringing ethics and technology closer together again.

Our principles

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