Open Source

O‌ur code 

You can find all our code on Github. This includes:


Inspect the highly documented code for all our Arduino sketches.

Candle Manager add-on

This add-on for the WebThings Gateway makes it easy to upload code to Arduino's.

Voco - voice control add-on

This add-on for the WebThings Gateway allows for fully local voice control.

MySensors add-on

This add-on allows for the WebThings Gateway to communicate via the MySensors protocol.

We build on the shoulders of giants

Without the open source community Candle would not be possible.

Candle combines and builds on these great projects:

Mozilla logo
Mozilla Gateway
Smart home hub

The makers of the Firefox browser were working on a controller for smart homes, with a strong focus on being user friendly. After Mozilla downsized in 2019, the project became independent.

MySensors logo
Sensor network

C‌reate encrypted wireless self-healing mesh networks for sensors and switches. 

Arduino logo

Connecting all kinds of electronics to computers and networks, it has opened up the world of electronics to a larger audience.

Raspberry Pi logo
Raspberry Pi
Open hardware mini computer

A cheap linux computer designed for education which has become to go-to device for makers and tinkerers all over the world.

PyMySensors logo
MySensors library for the Python programming language

This library makes it easy to manage your MySensors network from Python code.

Etcher logo
Flashing software

This software allows you to easily create the SD-cards or USB sticks that you have to plug into the Raspberry Pi in order to run the Mozilla Gateway and other software.

Snips logo
Snips (partially open source)
Voice control platform

S‌nips forms the basis of our local voice control. Their software has a strong focus on being privacy friendly. They have since been bought by Sonos.

Only some parts of Snips are open source.