Privacy policy

T‌his won't take long. 


This website does not collect personal data. This website does not use cookies, no third party tracking, no embedding, nothing. We don't want to know anything about you.

Unless you email us, then we get your email address and whatever you type in the email. But that's on you really.


We use Mozilla's WebThings Gateway as the basis for the Candle Controller. It's basically a standard installation of the WebThings Gateway with some of our add-ons (Candle Manager, MySensors, optionally Voco) on top to enable our features.

We do not collect any data from the add-ons.

But you should realise that Candle uses infrastructure to host code and files, and the owners of those platforms could theoretically track you. You'll have to look at the privacy policies of these organisations:

- Mozilla. They use Amazon servers to host all the things you may download, such as the disk image and the add-ons. Once you have downloaded the image and have your add-ons you want, you can disable the internet connection to the Candle, and it will work just fine stand-alone. This is what we recommend. For more details you should check out their privacy policy.

- Github. All Candle's source code is hosted on Github, a popular platform to host programming code. When you use the Candle Manager, it will sometimes check if these are updates to the code for the Candle devices. This means your WebThings Gateway will try to connect to Github to download the Arduino files. Which means Github knows you contacted their servers. For more details you should check out their privacy policy.

- Arduino. The Candle Manager add-on uses the Arduino Command Line Interface (CLI), a bit of software that forms the heart of the Candle manager. It uploads to Arduino code to the Arduino once you connect it via USB. When you first install the add-on, we ask the CLI to download all the required software libraries. At this moment the Arduino organisation could log that you downloaded these libraries. For more details you should check out their privacy policy.