Paola Rodrigues' innovations

Giving ownership a deeper meaning.

Educator Paola talks about ownership while building her version of the weather station.

Make Candle your own

Paola is an engineer, maker and an educator. To her, the value of a device increases when she can modify it to her needs. Even if those needs are simply to have fun.

Design for education

As part of JuniorIOT initiative, she teaches children to look beyond the surface of technology.

"Can we make the temperature even easier to read?"

She decided to make it easier to see the values of the weather station from across the room. Because Candle is open source, she could make modifications to code so that the temperature, humidity and air pressure values are translated into three rows of LED's.

Transparency, literally.

When it was revealed Google's smart home devices contained hidden microphones, damage was done to consumer's trust in smart devices. 

By contract, Paola made her version of the Signal Hub literally transparent. 

"I like that you can get a feeling for what the parts of your device are, and what they do. And I like the way it looks too." 

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Teaching children to understand our digital world.

"The more you understand how a device works, the more you own it."
— Paola Rodrigues
programmer, maker and educator

The work with engineer and educator Paola Rodrigues was made possible through generous support from the Creative Industries Fund NL.