Adding a touch screen to the Candle controller

The Candle controllers you can see on this website have really nice touch screens. However, getting your Raspberry Pi to show the Candle interface actually takes a few steps, which we'll explain here.

1. Preparation

The following steps will require your Cande Controller to (temporarily) have access to the internet to download the required software. Please make sure you have already setup your Gateway using the normal steps.

Let's connect your touch screen to the Raspberry Pi first. Make sure everything is turned off and that the power is disconnected before you begin.

- Plug the HDMI cable into the display and into your Pi.
- Plug the micro USB cable into the 'touch' port of your display, and plug the other end into any free USB port on your Pi. This USB cable will do two things: power the display, and carry the touch signals back to your Pi.
- Plug in a keyboard into a free USB port on the Raspberry Pi. This will only be necessary during the installation.

2. Power up your Pi

Once powered up you should get a lot of text whizzing by on the display, like you're in the Matrix. Don't worry, this is just Linux booting up.

If you don't see this, ask whomever sold you the display how this can be fixed.

After about 20 seconds you should see "Gateway login" followed by a blinking cursor . You can now log in. 

First type in the default user name:


Press the enter key. Now type in the default password:


Press enter again, and you should now be logged in. Congratulations, you can now officially tell all your friends that you've used a "Linux shell".

The final step is to type in this command exactly as shown, and hit enter:

This downloads and runs a script that automates the entire process of installing software and changing settings on your Raspberry Pi. Depending on your device and internet speed it can take up to 10 minutes to install. Afterwards it reboots.


- An on-screen keyboard will automatically pop-up if you select a text input field.
- Drag your finger down from the top of the screen to refresh the page.
- Drag from the left or right side of the screen to navigate backwards and forwards.

Extra features

If you take out the SD card and plug it into your computer, you'll be able to see a few files on it, which you can modify.

- You can replace splash.png with your own startup image.
- You can replace splash.mp4 with your own startup video.
- You can change the URL that is loaded into the browser by simpy replacing the one inside the candle_kiosk.txt file.
- If you turn candle_kiosk.txt into an empty file, then the video will loop indefinitely. It's an easy way to turn you Raspberry Pi into a looping video player. This can be used in exhibits, for example.
- If you start the device with a mouse attached, then a pointer will become visible.

Can I undo it?

Yes. If you ever want to go back to the original login option, take the SD card (or USB) stick out of the pi, open it on your computer, and remove the candle_kiosk.txt file that you will find on it. This doesn't remove the software, but it no longer loads it.