Candle wins a Dutch Privacy Award!

During the National Privacy Conference in The Hague today, Candle received a Dutch Privacy Award. Specifically, the "aanmoedigingsprijs", which is the jury's way of saying they'd love to see Candle move beyond the demonstrator stage and become a real product. This echos the question we most often got when we exhibit Candle: "This is great. Where can I buy it?".

The award was handed to lead designer Tijmen Schep by Kees Verhoeven, a member of the Dutch house or representatives who has frequently spoken about privacy issues. Of course it's really an award for the entire team: juwelry designer Dinie Besems, product designer Jesse Howard, communications hero Michel Langendijk, engineer and educator Paola Rodrigues, and of course propagandists Tom Schouw and Anne Fleur Schep made the launch at #DutchDesignWeek possible.

Some of the devices were showcased at the National Privacy Conference.