Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does it also support Zigbee / Google / IKEA / etc devices?
    C‌andle is built on top of the WebThings Gateway, a project by Mozilla that aims to be a complete smart home management system. As such, you can connect Candle to everything it can connect to, which includes most common smart home products.
    However, since Candle is meant to demonstrate how a smart home could be 100% privacy friendly, we don't really want to advertise this. We especially advise against buying (WiFi-based) internet connected devices.
  • Is Candle a commercial project? Where can I buy it?
    Candle is a research project. Although it actually works, and it could be commercialized, that was not our initial goal. So you cannot buy it - we don't sell anything. But you could buy all the electronics yourself and build it yourself. We've made that as easy to do as possible.
  • How do Candle devices communicate?
    Candle devices only communicate with the local hub, and nothing else. Our prototypes use a wireless technology that's similar to Bluetooth and Zigbee. It's called the MySensors protocol. It's fully open source, and supports encrypted communication. It was chosen because it allowed us to rapidly prototype our devices. 
    MySensors can run on multiple frequencies and radio types. Our prototypes use the 2.4Ghz spectrum (the same as Bluetooth and WiFi).
  • How can I improve the wireless range?
    In our modern homes there is a lot of interference from our neighbours, which can make it difficult for your devices to communicate. The simplest way to address this problem is to create a more powerful receiver
  • Why do some pictures show different parts being used?
    For our launch at Dutch Design Week two professional designers - Dinie Besems and Jesse Howard - created special version of the Candle devices. Some of these have touch screens as this made them more visually appealing and easy to use. We've released tools so that you could also add a touch screen to your Candle Controller, but it's not as foolproof as the other thing we've released. It's more of an advanced feature. If you connect the Candle controller to your local network then you won't need to add a touch screen.