Great reactions at Dutch Design Week

Candle has hit Dutch Design Week, and the first responses are great. People really appreciate the project, which is a great feeling after all the hard work done by our designers.

Here are some of the responses we got so far:

- As we suspected (and as research points out), a lot of people tell us they consciously avoid buying smart devices. They don't want smart devices, and we tell them that's a good idea. We also explain that in some situations they can be useful though, such as a smart lock to open the door for elderly who require a lot of aid by a lot of different people.

- A surprisingly large group of people heard about the project on BNR news radio and came specifically to our stand to check us out. They're excited about the project.

- Yet another group says they don't care. Often they already own an Alexa/Google Home device. When we tell them why it matters, they do start to look a little less secure about that.

- A smaller group is very excited about Candle. We've met a number of trend watchers, and they fit in this group. In this group we also find people are run projects like 'smart elderly homes' (and who want to talk to us about implementing Candle, which we're definitely interested in). Makers also fit into this group.

- Members of the press, surprisingly, seem to be quite new to the idea of going "cloudless". Once we explain it, and dive into the thinking behind it, they do get the idea.

- Students get the concepts quite quickly. They also get our stickers quite quickly..

- A small group of elderly doesn't know what smart devices are. On two separate occasions we were asked if Dinie Besems' creations were "clocks".

- A very small but persistent group (about 1 person per day) tells us they worry about the wireless radiation given off by smart devices.

All images used with permission.